Silicone Dish WaveSponge – Gray (1ct)


Silicone Dish WaveSponge product details:
– Made from: Silicone
– Measurements: 3″W x 6-3/8″L
– Care: Dishwasher safe
– The innovative wave sponge is constructed of durable, bacteria resistant wave scrubbers. It’s even safe for non-stick cookware
– Features a silicone squeegee, perfect for clearing Leftover food from a plate, into the trashcan or garbage disposal
– Nylon scraper attacks stuck-on food, cleaning up pots, pans, and even the stovetop
– Center cavity holds and releases dish soap
– Non-porous, odor resistant, dishwasher safe and long lasting – never use a stinky sponge again!
– Be sure to look for matching cake and party supplies (sold separately).

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